Security Operations

Focus your network and security operations center on the right threats.

Provide analysts with a steady stream of high-quality technical indicators and signatures that can be used to alert on potential malicious activity or compromise. Your Network and Security Operations staff can use this data to prioritize their triage and response efforts.

Our cybercrime intelligence empowers analysts to monitor and respond to threats in near real-time — enabling them to support the cyber defense mission with timely and actionable intelligence. These analysts can also explore the alert context in our intelligence reports and data collection giving them a richer understanding of your organizational risk to better mitigate threats.

Using Intel 471 Cybercrime Intelligence, your NOC/SOC teams are able to:

  • Gain coverage of malicious infrastructure services, also known as bulletproof hosters, including regular reporting of malicious IP addresses, netblocks/prefixes, autonomous system numbers (ASNs), domains, and other indicators
  • Access a regular stream of deep technical reporting, signatures (yara/nids), malicious infrastructure, and indicators of compromise associated with the top ransomware, stealer, banker, loader, and malware attacks
  • Monitor changes in malware activity in near-real-time, taking proactive action to harden your organization’s defenses