Third-Party Risk Management

Secure the weakest link in your cybersecurity landscape.

High-resolution visibility into your third-party risk

Your corporation must be alerted to the threats faced by your vendors and suppliers to successfully manage and secure your digital supply chain. Failing to do so, can expose your company to regulatory censure, fines, and commercial penalties in the event of data exposure.

The Intel 471 TITAN platform continuously monitors the criminal underground for threats emanating from your digital supply chain. This includes the buying and selling of your confidential and sensitive information such as: financial records, customer and employee data, and intellectual property.

Improve your digital risk management capabilities by increasing insights into your third-party risks with Intel 471 cybercrime intelligence.

The TITAN Platform helps your team secure digital supply chain by:

  • Observing where third-party risks threats emanate from and how threat actors communicate and buy/sell sensitive information in closed groups in the criminal underground
  • Proactively identifying and addressing potential weak links, by requiring vulnerable or affected third parties to implement new controls
  • Gaining constant monitoring and near-real-time alerting of relevant malicious activity that could impact your supply chain