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Intel 471 Drives Innovation at RSA Conference 2024 with Intelligence-Led Threat Hunting

May 22, 2024
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That wraps up a phenomenally successful RSA Conference in San Francisco for Intel 471. The team built on our exciting acquisition of Cyborg Security and shared with customers how we’re supercharging threat hunting with the unrivaled breadth, depth, speed, and relevance of Intel 471’s cyber threat intelligence (CTI).

We also released the 471 Cyber Threat Report 2024, our comprehensive analysis of emerging threat trends and the evolving techniques, motivations, and tools employed by threat actors from January 2023 to March 2024.

Defenders are under more pressure than ever to navigate threats from prolific and persistent adversaries looking to disrupt, deny, and degrade the digital world for their gain at your expense. The report reflects our commitment to exposing your adversaries and serves as a beacon for defenders to proactively navigate a rapidly changing threat environment and secure the digital world.

As the first CTI vendor to market with a threat hunting platform integrated with premier CTI, Intel 471 had a compelling innovation story to tell the hundreds of delegates who visited our booth at RSA.

Attendees and analysts were keen to learn more about how Intel 471 is approaching the convergence of CTI and threat hunting as more customers adopt complementary use cases and integrate both groups within the same teams and budgets.

Key takeaways from RSA Conference 2024:

  • Customers are increasingly merging CTI and threat hunting practices and are keen to improve the accuracy and return on investment of threat hunting programs with premier CTI in addition to open source intelligence.

  • The rapidly evolving threat environment combined with cybersecurity skills shortages has increased demand for cyber intelligence platforms that help defenders operationalize threat intelligence and contextualize data for better decision-making.

  • There is growing recognition that cyber intelligence platforms can resolve a variety of use cases, from managing third-party risk, to reducing external attack surface exposures, enhancing threat hunting, and responding to identity, access, and fraud threats.

  • Customers need easy-to-use, integrated threat intelligence systems and tools that allow them to focus on revenue and growth goals while thwarting increasingly sophisticated digital threats.

  • Cybersecurity professionals want premier CTI solutions that help their stakeholders in finance, legal, HR, operations and development meet business and risk mitigation requirements.

We shared with key industry media and analysts how we’re driving innovation in the industry by helping customers operationalize threat intelligence with the TITAN platform’s data parsing and contextualization. We also shared how we’re setting a new standard in intelligence-led threat hunting to help customers achieve more accurate threat hunts, proper measures for operational success, and a return on investment for their threat hunt programs.

Anna Delaney, director of productions at Information Security Media Group (ISMG), interviewed Intel 471 co-founder and CEO Jason Passwaters about the convergence of threat intelligence and threat hunting. Jason also explained how Intel 471’s real-time threat intelligence reporting and TITAN’s data contextualization address third-party risk.

James Maguire, eWeek’s editor-in-chief, interviewed Intel 471’s CSO Brandon Hoffman about operationalizing threat intelligence.

Monika Soltysik, IDC senior research analyst, met with CIO Michael DeBolt and Hoffman to more fully understand the impact that Cyborg Security threat hunting brings to our existing CTI solution portfolio.

If you didn’t make it to the Intel 471 booth at RSA, please do visit us at Infosecurity Europe in London on June 4-6, or Black Hat USA Las Vegas on August 3-8. Or visit to learn how our threat intelligence covering the entire digital domain can help your teams proactively defend your organization.