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We deliver a proactive and unique solution that includes an online portal, API, third-party partner integrations with all information sourced and graded. Customers are provided complete visibility into our threat actor knowledgebase and what they say, plan and execute.

Unique Approach

Collectors globally deployed, close to the adversary, with native language and cultural understanding. Active in deep/dark web, underground marketplaces, forums and social media. Intelligence collection based on prioritized intelligence requirements to ensure relevance and timeliness.

Unprecedented Data

Over 10,000,000 actor handles with linked metadata. Information reports that capture raw data and information with deep contextual on the ground insight added. Threat actors tracked across multiple sources. Supports attribution and threat actor investigations.

Product Reliability

Provides monitoring and alerting from closed sources based on keywords (domain, actor handle, company name, key personnel, etc) for timely identification of threat activity targeting your organization. Intelligence collection accessible via online portal, API, Maltego transforms and third-party platform integrations.

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Mark Arena
Chief Executive Officer
Jason Passwaters
Vice President of Intelligence
Maksym Mikheienko
Vice President of Technology

Steve Laskowski
Vice President of Global Sales & Strategy

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Focusing on the who, what, where, when, how and why

“What” Is Not Enough – We Need the “Who” and “Why"

When a cyber attack is detected, the standard incident response is to locate and mitigate the malware, and then try to determine the campaign, and then assess the attribution of the attack. Intel 471 turns this approach on its head and helps companies identify who is responsible for the attack, and what the motivation of the attack is. This enables companies to become proactive by locating the likely attackers in advance of a perceived threat.


A Force Multiplier

Our subscription based approach brings customers in-depth information for a fraction of the cost of a cyber threat analyst or collector. Unlike other cyber threat analysis offerings, Intel 471 brings a capability that allows customers to integrate our collection with their own unique information sources to enhance operational protection and mission success.


Cyber Crime

Our cyber crime coverage focuses on cyber threat actors involved with financially motivated cyber crime and its supporting elements. It will allow your organization to understand the latest tools and techniques available in the criminal underground as well as understand who the actors are, enablers used, what they are motivated by and how they fit into the cyber crime ecosystem.



Our hacktivism coverage focuses on politically or issue motivated hacking groups, actors, and supporting elements and the cyber threat operations and campaigns that they are involved with. It allows organizations to better understand current targeting, leadership trends, hacktivist groups/movements, motivations and the tools, techniques and procedures (TTPs) related to this threat activity. This product focuses on the cyber threats from hacktivism groups/movements and is not intended for physical security or monitoring of legitimate activists or groups.


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Chinese Cyber Threat Researcher - Singapore

The Chinese Cyber Threat Researcher (based in Singapore) will research and track Chinese speaking cyber threat actors in the criminal underground.

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