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Intel 471 empowers security teams to be proactive with our relevant and timely insights into the cyber underground.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Intel 471 provides you with an unparalleled global intelligence capability for humans and machines. Whether scaling your cybersecurity presence or just starting to build your team, we can help you fight cyber threats.

Tap Intel 471 Intelligence to gain up-to-the-moment coverage and analysis across all or a few of our core intelligence products: Adversary, Malware, Vulnerability and Credentials to gain better insights or tools than you've ever had before.

Your Voice of Reason and Truth

GIR Handbook

GIR Handbook is an end-to-end foundational tool that allows you to define relevance, synchronize the intelligence effort, and route information to the right stakeholders or systems.

To learn more about how Intel 471 and our customers utilize the GIR framework to enhance the process of cyber threat identification and tracking. Request your free copy of the Intel 471 General Intelligence Requirements Handbook today.

Upcoming Events

Security Summit 2021

Security Summit 2021

Oct 28, 2021 Globe icon Salons van Edel Terbekehofdreef 13 2610 Antwerp


Live Event
Brand Protection in Healthcare in Times of COVID-19: Examining Criminal Products and Services Related to COVID-19

Brand Protection in Healthcare in Times of COVID-19: Examining Criminal Products and Services Related to COVID-19

Join Samantha van de Ven from Intel 471, Liv Rowley from Maltego and Gareth Westwood to learn how to combat and stay ahead of potential threats by leveraging and visualizing the right intelligence.

Nov 02, 2021 Pin icon Virtual


Attend Webinar
FS-ISAC FinCyber Today

FS-ISAC FinCyber Today

Nov 03, 2021 Pin icon Virtual


Virtual Booth


Nov 15, 2021 Pin icon Virtual

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