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Peeking into PrivateLoader

Security Boulevard | Apr 28, 2022

PrivateLoader is a downloader malware family whose primary purpose is to download and execute additional malware.

Leaks Fail to Abate Conti Ransomware Activity

SC Media | Apr 27, 2022

Recent leaks of the Conti ransomware gang's malware source code, credentials, chat logs, and operational workflows after it had expressed support for Russia's invasion of Ukraine has not hindered its activity, with more than 70 victims added to the ransomware group's leak site last month, exceeding the average monthly victim count of 43 last year, SecurityWeek reports.

Conti Ransomware Activity Surges Despite Exposure of Group's Operations

SecurityWeek | Apr 26, 2022

Conti ransomware activity has surged in the past weeks despite the recent exposure of the group’s operations by a pro-Ukraine hacktivist.

Gold Ulrick Hackers Still in Action Despite Massive Conti Ransomware Leak

The Hacker News | Apr 26, 2022

The infamous ransomware group known as Conti has continued its onslaught against entities despite suffering a massive data leak of its own earlier this year, according to new research.

HHS Warns Providers of ‘Exceptionally Aggressive’ Ransomware Group

Cybersecurity Dive | Apr 25, 2022

The Hive group practices double extortion — demanding payment to free data it has encrypted while also threatening to release the unencrypted data publicly.

Hive Ransomware Affiliate Zeros in on Exchange Servers

The Register | Apr 22, 2022

An affiliate of the aggressive Hive ransomware group is exploiting known vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange servers to encrypt and exfiltrate data and threaten to publicly disclose the information if the ransom isn't paid.

HHS HC3 Warns Healthcare Sector of Hive Threats

GovInfoSecurity | Apr 19, 2022

Federal authorities are warning the healthcare and public health sectors of aggressive, financially motivated attacks by the Hive ransomware group.

Researchers Share In-Depth Analysis of PYSA Ransomware Group

The Hacker News | Apr 18, 2022

An 18-month-long analysis of the PYSA ransomware operation has revealed that the cybercrime cartel followed a five-stage software development cycle from August 2020, with the malware authors prioritizing features to improve the efficiency of its workflows.

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