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United Nations’ Computers Breached by Hackers Earlier This Year

TIME | Sep 09, 2021

Hackers breached the United Nations’ computer networks earlier this year and made off with a trove of data that could be used to target agencies within the intergovernmental organization.

Groove Ransomware Gang is a Motley Crew of Disgruntled Hackers, Researchers Say

CyberScoop | Sep 09, 2021

Another new ransomware gang is making waves with an unconventional structure, its unique pedigree and an early victim.

Thoma Bravo Invests in Intel 471 to Boost Threat Preparedness Capabilities Worldwide

Help Net Security | Sep 09, 2021

Thoma Bravo announced it has signed a definitive agreement to make a strategic growth investment in Intel 471, a provider of cyber threat intelligence for leading enterprises and governments.

Thoma Bravo Takes a Stake in Threat Intelligence Provider Intel 471

TechCrunch | Sep 08, 2021

Private equity giant Thoma Bravo has taken a stake in Intel 471, a provider of cyberthreat intelligence for enterprises and governments.

This is the Perfect Ransomware Victim, According to Cybercriminals

ZDNet | Sep 06, 2021

Initial access is now big business. Ransomware groups such as Blackmatter and Lockbit may cut out some of the legwork involved in a cyberattack by purchasing access, including working credentials or the knowledge of a vulnerability in a corporate system.

The Big Reason the Spam in Your Inbox is About to Get a Lot More Convincing

Kim Komando | Sep 05, 2021

Phishing scams involve gaining a user’s trust by imitating a known company or service. A scam can target you with a phony email from your streaming service provider, for example. They’ll ask for your login credentials or payment for a bill that doesn’t exist.

Cyber Criminals Recruiting Native English Speakers to Sharpen BEC Scams

TEISS | Sep 01, 2021

Recognising that their lack of proficiency in the English language scuttles many of their cyber campaigns, cyber criminals are now actively recruiting native English speakers to enhance the success rate of their fraudulent operations.

Hackers are Hiring More English Speakers to Write Believable Email Scams

TechRadar | Sep 01, 2021

Scammers are seeking help to ensure language mistakes are no longer a giveaway

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