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Operation Cyclone Deals Blow to Clop Ransomware Operation

Bleeping Computer | Nov 07, 2021

A thirty-month international law enforcement operation codenamed 'Operation Cyclone' targeted the Clop ransomware gang, leading to the previously reported arrests of six members in Ukraine.

Supply Chain Under Attack as 'Dark' Cyber Underground Peddles Sensitive Company Data

FOX Business | Nov 07, 2021

Against a backdrop of extreme volatility in the supply chain of goods, cyber criminals on the dark web have been peddling sensitive information that can provide access to supply chain companies’ computers, according to a report from cyber intelligence firm Intel 471.

Threat Actor Claims 'Groove' Ransomware Gang Was Hoax

InfoSecurity | Nov 04, 2021

A Russian-speaking ransomware ‘group’ which called on rival entities to join forces in targeting the US government may have been a social engineering experiment designed to toy with Western media, it has emerged.

Does BlackMatter’s Demise Mean Anti-Ransomware Efforts are Working?

SC Media | Nov 04, 2021

On Tuesday, the ransomware group BlackMatter told affiliates it would shut down operations due to law enforcement pressure.

Cybercriminals Offer Up Access to Supply Chain Networks

Washington Examiner | Nov 04, 2021

In recent months, cybercriminals have been attempting to sell network access credentials to several shipping and logistics companies on the cybercrime underground, according to cybersecurity vendor Intel 471.

Supply Chain at Risk: Brokers Sell Access to Shipping, Logistics Companies

Security Boulevard | Nov 04, 2021

As if disruption to the global supply chain post-pandemic isn’t bad enough, cybercriminals are selling access, sometimes in the form of credentials, to shipping and logistics companies in underground markets.

A Likely Hoax Highlights What’s Still Shadowy in Cyberspace

The Washington Post | Nov 03, 2021

It seemed terrifying. In September, an allegedly new ransomware gang called Groove posted on a Russian-language cybercrime forum urging criminal hackers to unite in attacking U.S. government interests.

Cybercriminals Sell Access to International Shipping, Logistics Giants

ZDNet | Nov 02, 2021

On Tuesday, Intel 471 published an analysis of current black market trends online, revealing instances of initial access brokers (IABs) offering access to international shipping and logistics companies across the ground, air, and sea.

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