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About Intel 471

Our mission is to protect your organization, your products, your assets and your people from cyber criminals.

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Who We Are

Intel 471 provides unparalleled Cyber Threat Intelligence that enables our customers to assess, organize and equip their cyber defenses, and warn of potential crises.

Combining data collection and human analysis, we pinpoint relevant cyber threats in order to mitigate their impact on your business, whether that be in the form of financial loss, data breaches, reputational damage and theft of intellectual property.

We give timely, relevant and actionable intel that allows our customers to protect themselves and optimize their operations.

We are your window into the cyber underground.

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Our Team

Our team is comprised of intelligence operators and native speakers localized where threat actors formerly operated with impunity and without consequence. Our pedigree is unparalleled. We count on a team with experience operating in the intelligence services, military, law enforcement, and private threat intelligence companies in nearly every continent on earth.

Our culture of humility and quiet professionalism is a core attribute of Intel 471 and everyone within it. Our culture is collaborative and supportive but focused on our mission – protecting the world’s organizations from cyber risks and threats. We’re a mission-driven company, looking for talented, ‘can-do’ minded people with a passion for always doing the right thing. You enjoy fast-paced work, are quick to insight, and drive to results quickly.

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Intel 471 New Badges

Intel 471 is an industry accredited organization

We are proud to be recognized by the cybersecurity industry for our innovative approaches and successful outcomes in mitigating cyber threats and empowering organizations to win the cybersecurity war. 

  • Inc. 5000 Award
  • 2023 Globee Awards
  • AICPA SOC Award
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In memory of Angela Nichols

The Intel 471 family honors the memory of an incredible human being. Angela was not only a marketing mastermind, but a deeply caring individual of all things living. She was someone who put others first, made the most of life, and did all things with enthusiasm and a smile.