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Intel 471 Channel Program

The Intel 471 Channel Program empowers partners to expand their product portfolio and accelerate their business growth. Our premier cyber threat intelligence easily integrates with security tools and platforms. The result: our partners arm their clients' security teams with actionable threat intelligence to identify, prioritize, and prevent attacks before they occur.

Partners routinely meet and exceed sales goals with the help of our partnership team, who provide in-depth sales enablement to strengthen their go-to-market, which is rewarded by Intel 471's commercial model. Our in-depth sales enablement and technical training ensures partners are equipped with deep familiarity of the top use cases that challenge their targeted customer base.

  • Competitive margins with hardened deal registration
  • Sales & Marketing enablement
  • In-depth technical training

Whether you are a VAR, VAD, system integrator or consultant practice, you can benefit from Intel 471's Channel Program.

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