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Cyber Underground Handbook

Intel 471 General Intelligence Requirements (GIR) Framework

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How Your Team Benefits

This handbook is a baseline tool to assist security professionals and teams in organizing, prioritizing, and producing cyber underground intelligence.

  • Drive Decisions and Operations: Map your Primary Intelligence Requirements (PIRs) to our GIRs to streamline and prioritize your collection needs, ensuring that you are collecting actionable intelligence.
  • Structure a Pedigree Plan: We provide the essential elements information (EEIs) for needed to meet each GIR, use cases, lists of frequently asked questions, and an intelligence planning workbook with templates and samples used by our team to help you create a robust intelligence collection plan that meets stakeholder needs.
  • Measure Success: Use GIRs as a baseline tool to track progress against PIRs and return of investment overtime. Readily communicate these to company leadership.
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How it Works With the TITAN Platform

TITAN delivers structured technical and non-technical data and intelligence that is continually updated by our global team and automated processes. Intelligence is mapped to Intel 471's Criminal Underground General Intelligence Requirements (CU-GIR) framework and is driven by your Prioritized Intelligence Requirements (PIRs).

  • Customer PIRs are mapped to our GIRs to structure our intelligence collection to ensure our products drive decisions and operations for our stakeholders.
  • Each report in TITAN is tagged with corresponding GIRs allowing customers to easily search for and filter results to find intelligence relevant to their organization.
  • Customers can set watchers for GIRs to receive timely alerts to relevant intelligence so that they can swiftly.
  • Customers can measure performance by quantifying ROI through the GIRs covered.

How Does Intel 471 Use the Cyber Underground Handbook?

Intel 471 shapes its intelligence collection focus and production based largely on GIRs prioritized by customers. Using the CU-GIRH, each customer identifies and ranks a selection of GIRs which Intel 471 employs as guidance for daily intelligence collection, reporting, and success measurement.

Primary users of the CU-GIRH and the corresponding planning workbook are cyber threat intelligence (CTI) planners, analysts, researchers, and collection managers.

  • An analyst or researcher can use this as a hip-pocket reference for spotting ad-hoc collection opportunities in the underground.
  • An intelligence planner can use this as a guide to support the development and tracking of intelligence requirements and measuring the intelligence team’s return on investment over time.
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Intelligence Planning Assets

Getting Started with the CU-GIRH

3 minutes

Selection PIRs for your Stakeholders

6 minutes

Getting to Know Your Collection Guidance

3 minutes

Preparing Your Collection Plan

5 minutes

Intelligence Planning Events

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"Highly detailed and well thought out workshop."

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"This workshop is perfect for any new CTI practitioners or new CTI Directors."


"Intel 471 has demonstrated to us that they are on top of the events observed in the cyber underground. They have differentiated themselves from the competition by their superior intelligence curation in the shape of "spot reports" that only focuses on the "meat" of cyber threat intelligence."

Jurgen Visser, Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence, Gojek

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