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Public Sector Threat Briefing

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The public sector faces well-documented challenges when it comes to cyber threats, particularly large amounts of data housed in disparate systems as well as funding and recruitment obstacles in securing data and networks. Coupled with the critical nature of the services many public sector organizations provide and the high impact of any incidents, it is no wonder that many ransomware actors target central and local government, transport, education, and public healthcare organizations.

The data collected and maintained by public sector organizations often is of high value to attackers beyond ransomware actors because of the additional opportunities it affords for other types of fraud.

In this webinar, we look at the underground ecosystem that has grown around these types of attacks and how actors are targeting the public sector, including:

  • Characteristics of the cyber underground specific to public sector attacks
  • About supporting services that provide the precursors to breaches and ransomware attacks
  • How public sector organisations can avoid falling victim to cyber attacks