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Overview of cyber threat trends to beware of in 2022

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The impact of cyber attacks are costly, both in terms of time and money.

While several attack strategies can be avoided by adhering to standard cybersecurity practices such as mandating regular password changes and providing education about device security, Intel 471 continued to observe the evolution of well-established threats in 2021 despite these protection efforts.

This report aims to provide a high-level overview of these threats, which likely will remain prevalent and worthy of continued focus throughout 2022, including:

  • Active and emerging ransomware operations
  • Supply chain attacks
  • The theft and sale of compromised credentials
  • The maturation of BEC attacks
  • WhatsApp impersonations and subscriber identity module (SIM) card swapping
  • The return of the Emotet malware and the underground application of deepfake technology

Download the whitepaper to gain insight into the cyber threat trends for 2022.