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Threats Persist Against Financial Services Sector

Products, Goods, Services Continue to Fuel Attack Schemes
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The financial services sector continues to garner serious interest from underground threat actors, and it is unlikely to change during the following year.

As the world continues to recover, cybercriminals will persist in their efforts to take advantage of the new standard, such as simple work-from-home security procedures and an increase in online presence and transactions. In this day and age, it often is no longer a matter of “if” an individual or organization may be the victim of a cyberattack but “when.”

In this whitepaper, Intel 471 covers a variety of products, goods, and services observed in the underground, including:

  • Malware variants, phishing pages, skimmers, vulnerabilities, and exploits
  • Stolen payment card data and credentials, as well as compromised network access
  • Cashout services, dump shops, and malware-as-a-service (MaaS)

Get the Intel 471 Financial Services Whitepaper to protect your organization from the latest threats targeting the financial sector.