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A Halloween Story: the 10 Scariest Cyber Threat Stats from Q3

Oct 30, 2023
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Halloween is here! And to celebrate the occasion, Intel 471 brings you the top 10 cyber threat stats and facts, fresh from our Q3 2023 Quarterly Threat Report, that keep cyber defenders awake at night. These stats remind us of the never ending stream of threats from underground actors can be far more dangerous than what goes bump in the night. Intel 471’s infographic helps shine a much-needed light into this darkness:

Intel 471 Scariest Cyber Threat Stats Q3 2023
  1. Intel 471 reported over 1200 ransomware attacks this quarter. Ransomware remains a key threat to all sectors.

  2. The top 3 countries most impacted by ransomware attacks were the US (48%), the UK (6%) and Germany (4%).

  3. The top 3 villains in the ransomware world are in. Lockbit 3.0 is the most impactful ransomware as a service (RaaS) affiliate program, followed by CLOP and ALPHV.

  4. Distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks perpetrated by hacktivists increased by almost 14% since Q2.

  5. Intel 471 reported more than 2000 claims from initial access brokers (IABs) offering compromised credential and other unauthorized access for sale.

  6. The top three sectors most impacted by these offers in descending order were consumer and industrial products (24.5%); technology, media and telecommunications (15.4%); and manufacturing (13.5%).

  7. Over 71,000 unique malware payloads were collected via our botnet emulation capabilities.

  8. Loader malware remains a highly popular type of malware leveraged by threat actors with 49.2% of malware downloaded falling into this category. Threat actors use the loader malware to deliver additional malware payloads, which are typically designed to have an effect on the victim.

  9. The infamous Bumblebee malware loader resurfaced in late August with a new campaign and modifications which suggest a new effort to improve evasion techniques and prevent domain shutdowns.

  10. We released reports on around 126 vulnerabilities. Of these vulnerabilities, 6% had been productized, 60% had been weaponized, and 17% had proof of concept code available.

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