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Intel 471 and Kognos Join Forces to Maximize Threat Intelligence for the Hunt

Partnership Provides Threat Hunting Teams Fully Contextualized Cyber Underground Intelligence, Helping to Proactively Thwart Attackers Within Minutes

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Wilmington, DE—December 1, 2021—Intel 471, the premier provider of cybercrime intelligence for leading intelligence, security, and fraud teams, today announced a technology partnership with autonomous XDR innovator Kognos to reduce digital risk by empowering security teams to take a proactive stance in their threat hunting mission. Leveraging adversary intelligence and underground capabilities from Intel 471, Kognos XDR Hunter customers will benefit from embedding and activating Intel 471’s intelligence within fully autonomous hunts in their environment.

“Cybercriminals and their tactics are accelerating rapidly in their sophistication, increasing the need to apply and understand the implications of threat intelligence in the context of an organizational attack surface, with constant monitoring and testing of that surface, is of paramount importance,” said Intel 471 CEO Mark Arena. “Intel 471 combines advanced, automated collection capabilities, matched with ‘boots on the ground’ intelligence professionals worldwide to provide complete coverage of the criminal underground. We are proud to partner with Kognos and their differentiated solution, which delivers proactive, autonomous threat hunting capabilities, to help combat sophisticated adversaries by augmenting their efforts with our unparalleled intelligence.”

Threat Hunting in a Box

Kognos offers threat hunting in a box, allowing security teams to take a proactive stance to threat hunting. Unlike
traditional threat hunting, incident response, or even XDR tools, which aim to relieve the burden on analysts by implementing rules or queries that attempt to narrow down where you have threats and initiate a potential response, Kognos aims to eliminate the burden altogether, by autonomously running investigations that provides a complete storyline for events, so you know exactly what’s a threat and what to do to remediate it.

Operationalizing Intel 471’s threat intelligence with fully autonomous hunts in the environment, provides Kognos customers a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Weaponizing Intel 471 cyber underground intelligence to optimize hunts for the presence of cybercriminals using Intel 471 flagged IP, domains, URLs, process hashes in the environment and investigates autonomously to generate attack storylines.

  • Providing security teams with the full context of cybercrime, including adversaries, attack types, attribution, etc. using Intel 471 threat intelligence as part of their storyline reviews.

  • Remediating threats within minutes of an attacker entering the environment.

“Intel 471’s ability to gather, manage, and deliver observables with unmatched granularity and actionability, provides organizations with a major advantage over malicious actors and among industry peers,” said Kognos CEO Rakesh Nair. “Integrating Intel 471’s intelligence into Kognos XDR Hunter, helps to strengthen security teams’ ability to quickly gather and hunt so they can proactively thwart malicious actors, threats, and imminent attacks from successfully infiltrating an organization, its products and assets.”

Intel 471’s platform, TITAN, is an intuitive intelligence SaaS platform built by intelligence and security professionals for intelligence and security professionals. It enables them to access structured information, dashboards, timely alerts, and intelligence reporting via web portal or API integration. TITAN’s programmable RESTful API can power numerous connectors and integrations, integrating and operationalizing customized intelligence into an organization’s security operations.

Kognos XDR Hunter is the first and only platform that allows threat hunters to do point-and-click hunting across multiple data sources. The company’s machine-assisted XDR threat hunting platform seamlessly connects with any organization’s EDR, SIEM, and NDR products, is easy to set up, and enables threat hunters to start triggering autonomous hunts right away. Kognos monitors and interprets all of your security data with its relationship graph engine, proactively hunts with an AI-driven inquiry engine, and stitches together events into complete attack storylines - in real-time – with a story generation engine.

About Intel 471

Intel 471 empowers enterprises, government agencies, and other organizations to win the cybersecurity war using near-real-time insights into the latest malicious actors, relationships, threat patterns, and imminent attacks relevant to their businesses.

The company’s TITAN platform collects, interprets, structures, and validates human-led, automation-enhanced results. Clients across the globe leverage this threat intelligence with our proprietary framework to map the criminal underground, zero in on key activity, and align their resources and reporting to business requirements. Intel 471 serves as a trusted advisor to security teams, offering ongoing trend analysis and supporting your use of the platform. Learn more at

About Kognos, Inc

Kognos, the pioneer of autonomous threat hunting, gives analysts everything they need to know to quickly and efficiently remediate and get ahead of risks in their environment. Kognos runs autonomous investigations and hunts, doing what an analyst would, from start to finish, in a matter of minutes, to cut through the alert noise and reveal the information, activity, and connections that matter. With complete attack stories, analysts know exactly how the attack started, what it did, and when, so they can take all appropriate actions to address the entirety of the threat. Kognos works in the background providing continuous insights into the latest threat activity, so analysts can do what they need to keep the environment safe. With Kognos, nothing’s missed, nothing’s left unanswered. It’s like having a personal AI assistant that serves up all an attack’s details on a silver platter—never again will you have to hunt alone. Learn more at