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Break through the noise

TITAN Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform

Core Platform Capabilities

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Harness Actionable Insight

TITAN is our centralized platform that delivers our curated CTI information to customers. Harness the insight from our dashboards and intelligence reports curated by our team of global analysts for complete visibility of your organization’s threat landscape so that you can curtail cyber threats with certainty and speed.

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Finished Intelligence Products

Leverage intelligence reports, bulletins, white papers and threat briefs. Analyst-driven, they provide strategic and tactical insight into the threat landscape to ensure a proactive cyber security strategy.

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Cut through the noise and focus on only what matters by receiving timely alerts relevant to your organization and positioning multi-language watchers for keywords for real-time monitoring against all our intelligence data sets.

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Intuitively pivot between intelligence reports, raw data, related vulnerabilities, and entities to enrich your understanding of the threat landscape.

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Perform accurate searches for keywords, build queries, and filter specific sources to fine tune your results. With structured data, less noise, and high-fidelity results, you can focus your team on the threats that matter most.

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Translation on Demand

Request translations from native speakers who provide a level of context that cannot be matched by machines. Translated content can be viewed side by side with the original.

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Integrate with additional threat intelligence platforms, orchestration platforms, link analysis tools and security tooling to augment your experience.

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Images, OCR and Logos

Identify relevant logos and text from multimedia on collected forums and marketplaces to contextualize security threats, compromised credentials or counterfeit products.

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Vulnerability, Credentials, Malware, and Marketplace dashboards provide immediate visibility of threats such as the life-stage of a vulnerability or the latest indicator of compromise (IOC) to empower your critical-decision making.

Enable Images, OCR and Logos in TITAN

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Cyber Underground Handbook

Intelligence Assets

TITAN delivers structured technical and non-technical data and intelligence that is continually updated by our global team and automated processes.

Intelligence is mapped to Intel 471's Criminal Underground General Intelligence Requirements (CU-GIR) framework and is driven by your Prioritized Intelligence Requirements (PIRs).

Intel 471 developed a proprietary framework to assist CTI teams in defining relevance, synchronizing the intelligence effort, and routing information to the right stakeholders or systems. We want to share it with CTI teams everywhere to help them operationalize their intelligence requirements. Get your own copy of our Cyber Underground Handbook.


Relevant and Timely Intelligence

Intel 471 is a leading provider of CTI. Our customers navigate TITAN, our feature-rich SaaS platform, which delivers our human-driven, automation enabled insights to provide full visibility of the threat actors and threats they pose to organizations. With TITAN customers are able to:

  • Respond Faster by receiving real-time alerts on threats relevant to your organization and using API integration to manage cyber threats and mitigate their impact.
  • Inform Critical Decisions by harnessing the breadth of our collection capabilities to understand the threat landscape through the eyes of a threat actor to focus your cyber security team where they are needed most.
  • Be Proactive, Not Reactive by accessing feeds to stay one step ahead of emerging threats - stopping them in their tracks.

Core Platform Capabilities

TITAN provides access to intelligence reports and raw data to satisfy our core capabilities:

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Adversary Intelligence

Understand what threat actors are planning, attacking, and how they operate. By learning the why and how of their behavior, you can proactively plan for – and help outwit – their attacks. Intel 471 provides ongoing automated collection, local human intelligence reporting, and high-fidelity alerting of top-tier cybercriminals. We customize these results to your business, industry, and geography, enabling you to make critical decisions based on trusted intelligence.

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Credential Intelligence

Mitigate the exposure of compromised credentials that could be used to impersonate users, gain unauthorized network access, steal data, and commit fraud. Intel 471 provides constant monitoring and alerting of compromised credentials, alerting you to breaches involving your employees, VIPs, customers and third-party suppliers and vendors. We identify how leaks occurred, whether they are new, and the scope of damage, so that you can take appropriate action.


Malware Intelligence

Actively track weaponized and productionized threats that could cause security breaches, revenue loss, and customer harm. Gain real-time monitoring of malware activity and command and control infrastructures that’s paired with targeted human analysis. Tap Intel 471’s stream of technical indicators, campaign reporting and deep technical insights on top malware families to harden your defenses against the latest threats.

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Vulnerability Intelligence

Evolve your vulnerability management and program by prioritizing your patch management program. Intel 471 provides you with a lifecycle view of vulnerabilities, including weaponized and productionized threats. You gain ongoing monitoring and reporting of key vulnerabilities, prioritized by risk and impact. You can use insights to understand how threats are changing, prioritize patches, and reduce your risks over time.

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Marketplace Intelligence

Marketplace Intelligence offers insights into the most important and active underground marketplaces.


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