Identify fraud and stop it at its source.

Fraud costs the global economy more than $5 trillion each year, and your organization can easily fall victim to it. From stolen crypto and data breaches to identity theft and malware logs, businesses are always at risk of fraud attacks from cybercriminals.

Your organization is at risk for different types of fraud ranging from stolen payment cards to identity fraud. Even global firms with the best fraud detection and prevention technology can fall victim to fraud attacks.

Your analysts must understand the underground marketplace where fraud is perpetrated, the various components of each fraud scheme, and the cyber threat actors behind the scams to prevent attacks. Our cyber threat Intelligence and intel site reps deliver comprehensive coverage of that underground marketplace and help your host CTI team successfully identify indicators of fraudulent activity and reduce your risks and costs more efficiently.


  • Human and automated insights into the fraud actors, threat patterns, and points of entry
  • The ability to take proactive action before fraud attacks hit your organization
  • Continuous delivery of intelligence that can counter the threat of fraud

Identifying the indicators of fraudulent activity as quickly as possible is the key to stopping fraud at its source.