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Malware Intelligence

Actively track weaponized and productionized threats that could cause security breaches, revenue loss, and customer harm. Gain real-time monitoring of malware activity and command and control infrastructures that’s paired with targeted human analysis. Tap Intel 471’s stream of technical indicators, campaign reporting and deep technical insights on top malware families to harden your defenses against the latest threats.


Revamped Anchor Malware Targets Windows Systems

Researchers are warning enterprise organizations that a revamped version of the Anchor malware has been observed targeting Windows systems.


Ettersilent Builder Gains Momentum in Malware Campaigns

Cybercrime groups are using a new malicious document builder known as EtterSilent as part of recent campaigns that have dropped a number of different malware strains, including TrickBot and Bazar loader.

Duo Security

More Hackers Using Archives to Deliver Malware

Archives are now the most popular file type for delivering malware, according to HP Wolf Security’s Q3 threat insights report.

Channel Futures

Malware Families Love Telegram, Discord as Much as Users

Messaging apps like Discord and Telegram have become a conduit for malware, as their popularity grows among users who want to create and share programs on the platforms.

Security Boulevard

A Popular Malware Scheme and Pay-Per-Install Services.

Guest Michael DeBolt from Intel 471 joins Dave Bittner on this episode to discuss one of the most popular commodity malware loaders on the underground – PrivateLoader.

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