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Adversary Intelligence

Track the most sophisticated and successful threat actors across the cybercriminal underground.

Adversary Insights

Underground Insights

Intel 471's Adversary Intelligence provides proactive and groundbreaking insights into the methodology of top-tier cybercriminals – target selection, assets and tools used, associates, and other enablers that support these criminals.

Access finished intelligence or leverage the underlying and raw collection, it’s up to you! We provide deliverables for multiple teams and maturity levels.

Receive Finished Intelligence Reports

Finished Intelligence Bulletins provide contextual insight related to interconnected events, activities and themes observed in the underground.

Detailed Profile “baseball card” summaries highlight prolific and emerging actors, services, products, forums and marketplaces within the cybercriminal underground.

Monthly Breach Analysis Reports outline key insights into breach related activity based on geographic and industry-specific observations, breach types and future outlook.

Quarterly Threat Briefing provides a published report and corresponding webinar summarizing key trends, major incidents, top adversaries, significant tactics, General Intelligence Requirements insights, and future outlook.

Whitepaper Reports provide long form intelligence of trends, statistics and forecasting of emerging underground themes or threats impacting industry verticals and geographies.

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