Brand Protection

Your brand is more than your identity — It is your reputation. Protect your brand against reputational and financial harm with our cybercrime intelligence.

Your brand is vulnerable to a wide range of risks, including malicious insider activity, phishing campaigns, malware configurations, fraud attacks such as account checkers, compromised credential dumps, to name a few.

Equip your cyber threat intelligence (CTI) teams with insights into who the relevant threat actors are, how they’re collaborating, and their next planned attack. Use TITAN monitoring, alerting, and intelligence to drive proactive action and protect your brand.

With Intel 471 Cybercrime Intelligence, your CTI teams can:

  • Create alerts using the TITAN platform or its API to identify threats and address them

  • Continuously monitor the criminal underground for company brands, domains, names of executives, leaked credentials associated with a company, clients, and employees

  • Receive contextual indicators of malicious activity relative to your brand

  • Use our Request for Information (RFI) process to get answers to your questions