Your brand is your reputation, don’t let cybercriminals damage it.

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On average, threat actors can penetrate 93% of company networks in just two days causing irrefutable damage to that organization’s image and finances. Make sure your brand is protected from all cyber threats and identity theft scams.

Our cyber underground intelligence solutions and intel site reps equip your CTI teams with insights into who the relevant threat actors are, how they’re collaborating, and their next planned attack.

The Intel 471 TITAN platform uses monitoring, host alerting and intelligence to drive proactive action and protect your brand from a wide range of risks such as:

  • Insider threat activity or discussions amongst threat actors

  • Targeted for phishing campaigns to obtain data and or customer credentials

  • Being included into Malware configurations

  • Become a target of fraud tools such as account checkers

  • Highlighted in compromised credential dumps

Your brand can be compromised in innumerable ways with the purpose often being to extort money from your organization or your customers.


Using in depth Intel 471 Malware Intelligence Reports provide analysis of malware families and features, network traffic, how to identify, detect and decode it, extract and parse its configuration, control server(s) encryption key and campaign ID.

  • Your CTI team can leverage TITAN to create alerts that will route to people and machines in both a feature rich UI and API

  • Monitor for company brands, domains, exec names, and leaked credentials associated with your company, clients, and employees

  • Request for Information (RFIs) can be created by you to answer specific, critical questions

  • An addition to your wider brand protection strategy that serves as a force multiplier, not a single solution.

In today’s digital world, the stakes are too high to ignore the underground and the actors operating within it. There’s more at stake than just your data. Protect your brand against reputational and financial harm with Intel 471 cyber underground intelligence.