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Supply Chain Monitoring for Cyber Risk

Proactive mitigation of cyber supply chain risk with complete threat visibility. 

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Supply Chains: Your Organization’s Weakest Link

As globalization ushers in new interconnectivity, supply chains are becoming increasingly vast and complex. Consequently, it’s becoming more difficult to see where cyber threats to your organization are emerging from and when every link within the chain expands your attack surface. Without threat visibility and intelligence, you risk being perpetually reactive versus building a proactive cyber defense.

From directly attacking a trusted link in your supply chain to casting a wider net by targeting the software or hardware that multiple supply chains depend upon, cybercriminals know how rewarding launching attacks upon supply chains can be.

An attack on your supply chain is potentially an attack on your business. Rather than struggle to weather the devastating financial and reputational consequences of such an attack, it’s imperative to update your strategies for protecting against such risk - and that’s where Intel 471 can help.

Safeguard Against Supply Chain Risk

Intel 471 is your window into the cyber underground. Our unparalleled cyber threat intelligence (CTI) offers unique insight into the threat emerging from your supply chain to change the odds of an attack in your favor.

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Proactive Protection

Intel 471 continuously tracks for early indicators that entities within your supply chain have been compromised or are in an attacker’s sights. This ensures your organization gets the head start it needs to mitigate the threat.

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Unique Visibility

We provide comprehensive visibility of cyber threats to your supply chain, and therefore your organization. We do this through crafting intelligence from sources exclusive to our CTI capabilities and mapping the digital attack surface of your supply chain ecosystem.

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Actionable Intelligence

Immediately action our intelligence for tangible benefit. This includes better orchestration through the seamless integration of our API with your internal tooling systems or bringing our intelligence reports to the boardroom to revolutionize your supply chain management.

Take Control of Supply Chain Risk with Intel 471's Solution

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Third Party Supply Chain Risk

Intel 471 Helps You Reap the Rewards of Your Supply Chain

Supply chain risk monitoring is part of Intel 471’s Third-Party Risk Monitoring: a set of capabilities that are designed for organizations who need to reduce risks associated with third-party interactions, products, and services. Our Third-Party Risk Monitoring solutions provide customers with threat intelligence to assist with the identification and remediation of risks introduced by interconnected vendors, customers, and other third-party entities. It includes:

  • Third-party vulnerability monitoring

  • Third-party breach monitoring

  • Third-party compromised credentials monitoring

  • Supply chain risk monitoring

Discover where you stand against supply chain risk.