Don’t wait for cyberattacks to happen. Seek out bad actors and stop them before they strike.

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Threat hunting is an internal method employed by businesses to considerably reduce the risk of exposure to malicious actors by proactively seeking out any suspicious activity within their networks before an attack has been carried out.

Reduce your organization’s risk of cyber threats by arming your threat hunting team with the right a cyber intelligence. Detecting malicious activity early and often raises the complexity and cost of attacks, which causes cybercriminals to search for weaker prey.

Our cybercrime intelligence provides your threat hunting team with the who, what, why, where, and when of the methods used by malicious actors. These details are of significant value to securing your business from malware threats, phishing and vishing scams, crypting and more.


  • Targeted data of relevant actors and threat patterns, enabling your team to focus on your greater risks
  • Unrivaled knowledge of the tools, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of actors – specifically emerging TTPs
  • Trending methods, vulnerabilities, and targeted technologies to improve preparedness.

Just as traditional hunters use knowledge of an animal’s habits and movements to locate them, your threat hunting teams needs to know where and how bad actors operate to find signs of an attack.

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