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Credential Intelligence

Unique and comprehensive data set, complete with context


Know when your employee accounts have been compromised and stop Account Takeover (ATO) and other types of malicious activity.

Proactively monitor and protect accounts of executives and key personnel before those key accounts are used as a launching point for attacks.

Alert your customers to malware infections associated with their online accounts using your services.

Know when your third-party vendors and suppliers have exposure that, by extension, introduces unnecessary risk to your business.

Credential Coverage

Intel 471’s Credential Intelligence delivers coverage across the entirety of the underground marketplace offering. Our clients are empowered to proactively monitor and mitigate the risk associated with compromised credentials as their credentials hit the marketplace.

Credential Intelligence satisfies four core use cases associated with compromised credentials:

Intel 471 Credential Intelligence

Intel 471 Credential Intelligence Infographic

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