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Third-Party Vulnerability Monitoring

Identify third-party vulnerability risk early. Protect against it proactively.

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Third Parties: A Gateway for Opportunity and Cyber Threats

Today, third-party relationships are a business necessity. But while they open your organization to new efficiency and specialized skills, they also open the gateway to significant risk. Attackers frequently use trusted third parties as an initial entry point to target the more robust organizations they serve through the exploitation of vulnerabilities within their third-party infrastructure, or systems and code they have supplied. Once they’re inside, the attackers often can move laterally and potentially gain access to any data, systems, and networks you’ve shared. They can then carry out a devastating cyber incident upon your organization through installing malware or exploiting your data for financial gain.

With costly consequences, such as potential legal fees, business stoppages, the erosion of stakeholder trust, and a critical loss in revenue, blindly trusting in the patching policies of your third parties is not good enough. You must stay alert and take action to ensure your organization is protected and Intel 471 can help you.

Power Actionable Intelligence on Third-Party Vulnerabilities

Intel 471 is your window into the cyber underground. Our human-led, cyber threat intelligence (CTI) offers unparalleled insight into threats emerging from third-party vulnerabilities to change the odds of a successful attack in your favor.

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Early Insight

Real-time monitoring of sources exclusive to our collection capabilities provides early detection of vulnerabilities in third-party infrastructures, their products, and who might be targeting them. Harness these insights and proactively mitigate or even avoid the impact of such threats.

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Know When to Act

With Intel 471, you’re no longer blindly fighting vulnerabilities. We render the lifecycle of each vulnerability transparent so that you have the context to determine when to address issues within your third-party network. You can prioritize your resources and effectively support business decisions.

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Enhance Your Security Posture

Enhance your vendor risk assessments and strengthen overall risk management by scheduling continuous scans of your partners’ attack surfaces to identify vulnerable assets, understand how they may be targeted by threat actors, and ultimately how they may impact your organization.

Take Control of Vulnerability Risk with Intel 471's Solution

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Reap the Rewards of Your Third-Party Relationships, Not the Risks, with Intel 471

Third-party vulnerability monitoring is part of Intel 471’s Third-Party Risk Monitoring: a set of capabilities that are designed for organizations who need to reduce risks associated with third-party interactions, products, and services. Our Third-Party Risk Monitoring solutions provide customers with threat intelligence to assist with the identification and remediation of risks introduced by interconnected vendors, customers, and other third-party entities. It includes:

  • Third-party vulnerability monitoring

  • Third-party breach monitoring

  • Third-party compromised credentials monitoring

  • Supply chain risk monitoring

Want to learn more about taking charge of your third-party risk?