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Intel 471 Lauded by Frost & Sullivan for 2021 Best Practices Customer Value Leadership

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Honored for Excellence in the Global Cyber Threat Intelligence Market

Intel 471, the premier provider of cybercrime intelligence for leading intelligence, security, and fraud teams, today announced the company has received a 2021 Customer Value Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan, a global growth partnership company. Based on analysis and in-depth evaluation, Frost & Sullivan concluded that Intel 471’s core differentiators are strong adversary and malware intelligence capabilities coupled with an exceptional focus on meeting clients’ unique intelligence requirements.

Frost & Sullivan's Customer Value Leadership Award is presented yearly to companies demonstrating excellence in creating value for customers. Each nominated company goes through a rigorous analytical process that involves a detailed evaluation of best practices criteria across two dimensions—business impact and customer impact.

“From the ‘deep and dark web’ to theatrical naming, customers are barraged and overwhelmed by a torrent of terms, stories and indicators, with little idea how it maps to their business risk and exposure,” said Intel 471 CEO Mark Arena. “Modeled after U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence, Intel 471 pioneered the use of the General Intelligence Requirements approach that starts with the most pertinent and impactful questions and concerns about a customer’s business environment and risk, and provides the customer with direct and tailored access to intelligence that is important to them, not filtered and condensed reports. This distinction by Frost & Sullivan is further validation that we are uniquely meeting and surpassing the needs of our clients.”

Intel 471 combines sophisticated automated collection capabilities, matched with boots on the ground intelligence professionals worldwide to provide complete coverage of the criminal underground. Intel 471 concentrates on four core intelligence areas: malware intelligence – actively tracks the most damaging malware families in near real-time; adversary intelligence – understands what threat actors are planning, attacking, and how they operate; vulnerability intelligence – lets unique intelligence inform an organization’s vulnerability management and drive patch prioritization; and credential intelligence – mitigates exposure to compromise, credentials of a business’s employees, executives, and key suppliers.

“As opposed to some of its competitors that predominantly track tactical indicators, Intel 471 specializes in monitoring malware families and actors’ tooling,” said Mikita Hanets, Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “The company’s focus on the causes rather than consequences of an attack allows Intel 471's customers to take on a truly preventative approach to cyber security.”

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices awards recognize companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analyses, and extensive secondary research to identify the industry's best practices.

About Intel 471

Intel 471 is the premier provider of cybercrime intelligence for leading intelligence, security, and fraud teams. Our adversary intelligence is focused on infiltrating and maintaining access to closed sources where threat actors collaborate, communicate and plan cyberattacks. Our malware intelligence leverages our adversary intelligence and underground capabilities to provide timely data and context on malware and adversary infrastructure. Our pedigree is unmatched, built on experience from operating in the intelligence services, military, law-enforcement and private companies across the globe. We protect your organization, products, assets and people. For more information:

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