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Intel 471 Named to the Inaugural Enterprise Security Tech Cyber Top 20 List

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WILMINGTON, Del. –June 16, 2022 Intel 471, the premier provider of cyber threat intelligence for leading intelligence, security, and fraud teams, today announced that it has been named to the Enterprise Security Tech Cyber Top 20 List.

The Enterprise Security Tech Cyber Top 20 list recognizes the top cybersecurity companies providing the most value to the market based on technical product/service innovation, industry analyst recognition, customer testimony, diversity and inclusion initiatives, talent development initiatives, and give back to the cyber community.

Intel 471 optimizes the gathering of high-quality observations and technical evidence of cybercriminal activity by infiltrating closed sources where threat actors collaborate, communicate, and plan cyberattacks. We deliver a wealth of information and analysis valuable to building an understanding of cybercriminals, their motivations, and their often fast-changing tools and tactics. Our intelligence products drive real-world solutions, addressing a plethora of use cases including third-party risk, threat hunting, security operations, insider threats, brand protection, and more.

“At Intel 471, we have an unwavering focus on our mission – to protect the world’s organizations from cyber risks and threats.” said Intel 471 CEO Mark Arena. “We humbly accept this recognition as a credit to our global team. It validates what our customers have repeatedly shared with us -- they look to us as their source of reason and truth when it comes to cybercrime. To be identified on Enterprise Security Tech’s first-ever Cyber Top 20 List further authenticates that we are succeeding in our mission.”

“The cybersecurity industry is going through an evolution right now,” said Jack Campbell, Editor, Enterprise Security Tech. “The threat landscape is growing at a faster pace than organizations can keep up with - so companies need innovative tools and services that leverage automation and simplification to combat threats at scale. We’re honored to be able to recognize these leaders for the value that they are bringing to the market and their contributions to the fight against cyber threats.”

For more information about the Enterprise Security Tech Cyber Top 20 List, please visit this page.

About Intel 471

Intel 471 empowers enterprises, government agencies, and other organizations to win the cybersecurity war using near-real-time insights into the latest malicious actors, relationships, threat patterns, and imminent attacks relevant to their businesses.

The company’s TITAN platform collects, interprets, structures, and validates human-led, automation-enhanced results. Clients across the globe leverage this threat intelligence with our proprietary framework to map the criminal underground, zero in on key activity, and align their resources and reporting to business requirements. Intel 471 serves as a trusted advisor to security teams, offering ongoing trend analysis and supporting your use of the platform. Learn more at

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