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Intel 471 and Silobreaker

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Intel 471 and Silobreaker offer a joint intelligence technology solution providing maximum visibility into threats emanating from the criminal underground and open source. Intelligence teams can use a data-rich, consolidated interface to streamline their operation by embedding Intel 471’s forum data, instant messaging data, finished intelligence, and spot reports with Silobreaker’s expansive coverage across the surface web.

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  • Underground Collections – Intel 471 provides extensive intelligence collection and research across forums, marketplaces and other communication channels (i.e. Telegram, Discord, etc) in the Cyber Underground. This involves the tracking of threat actor communication and activities, along with the products, tools, services and tactics/techniques/procedures (TTPs).
  • Finished Intelligence – A number of different finished intelligence products including Intelligence Bulletins, Threat Actor Profiles, Underground Pulse, Underground Perspective, and Intelligence Whitepapers
  • Spot Reports – Short reports providing breaking news and observations on notable events, actors, malware and “possible breach alerts”

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