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Third-Party Compromised Credential Monitoring

Our precise and timely detection of third-party compromised credentials ensures a proactive defense against this threat. Read on to find out how.

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Third Parties: A Gateway for Opportunity and Cyber Threats

Compromised credentials open up your organization to cybercriminals. Whether they’re disclosed accidentally or stolen, it’s only a matter of time before an incident occurs that provides attackers with an opportunity to exploit. . . But today, no organization is an island. The privileged access to data, systems and networks that each of your connected third parties enjoys, also provides cyber attackers with another means to acquire credentials to exploit unauthorized access to your organization. For every third-party relationship you manage, the risk of compromised credentials is amplified.

Once they’re inside, they’re at their liberty to move laterally, steal sensitive data, disrupt operations, or install malicious software. Each of these actions can have catastrophic effects on your organization: legal fees, business stoppages, the erosion of stakeholder trust, and ultimately loss of revenue. It’s time to extend cybersecurity beyond your horizons and guard against the risk of compromised credentials arising from your third parties.

Conquer the Threat of Third-Party Compromised Credentials

Intel 471 is your window into the cyber underground. Our industry-leading cyber threat intelligence (CTI) offers unparalleled insight into potential third-party compromised credentials to change the odds of a successful attack in your favor.

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Proactive Protection

Intel 471 continuously monitors for the potential leakage or even the sales of compromised credentials related to your third parties. Timely alerts and intelligence reports ensure you can get ahead of a possible security incident and mitigate its effects.

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Unique Visibility

We analyze sources exclusive to our intelligence capabilities, including covert communication with threat actors, to provide comprehensive coverage of compromised third-party credentials and the context behind them. This way, you are first to know and first to act.

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Decisive Action

You can act immediately on our intelligence. This includes evaluating third-party risk management through our dashboard and reports or the seamless integration of our API to your internal tooling.

Take Control of Compromised Credential Risk with Intel 471's Solution

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Intel 471 Ensures You Reap the Rewards of Your Third-Party Relationships

Third-party compromised credentials monitoring is part of Intel 471’s Third-Party Risk Monitoring: a set of capabilities that are designed for organizations who need to reduce risks associated with third-party interactions, products, and services. Our Third-Party Risk Monitoring solutions provide customers with threat intelligence to assist with the identification and remediation of risks introduced by interconnected vendors, customers, and other third-party entities. It includes:

  • Third-party vulnerability monitoring

  • Third-party breach monitoring

  • Third-party compromised credentials monitoring

  • Supply chain risk monitoring

Discover where you stand against third-party risk.