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Enhance your solution portfolio with our premier cyber threat intelligence

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Technology Partner Benefits

Intel 471's Technology Partners leverage our relevant and real-time threat intelligence to help their clients proactively address cyber threats. By integrating our cyber threat intelligence into their tools and/or platform, our partners better meet their customer's security team requirements.

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World-class threat intelligence use cases

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New revenue streams and/or enhancement of existing ones

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Dedicated support of the Intel 471 Integration Team

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Win the fight against cybercrime.

The Intel 471 Integration Team assists partners to add our premier threat intelligence to their cybersecurity solutions. Our programmable API powers integrations with partner's security operations, including: Security Information & Event Management (SIEM), Security Automation, Orchestration Response (SOAR), Threat Intelligence Platforms, and Intelligence-Driven Security and Enrichment Tools to meet discrete customer requirements. The Integration Team works with our partners to build integrations tailored for mutually beneficial orchestration of our intelligence within the partner's product ecosystem.

Become a Partner

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Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats with Trellix and Intel 471

Intel 471's cyber intelligence integrates seamlessly into the Trellix Threat Intelligence portfolio, equipping organizations worldwide with advanced tools to combat cybercrime. 

  • Visibility into real-time malware threats targeting their customers
  • Alerts about high-risk vulnerabilities targeting their customers and supporting patch management
  • Visibility into threat actors mentioning organizations in illicit communities with potential targeting
  • Identification of high-value credentials coming up for sale or already being sold by illicit threat actors
  • Steady stream of high fidelity indicators of compromise and malicious infrastructure
  • Regular breach intelligence reporting allowing for early breach detection and notification

Why Partner with Intel 471

The Intel 471 Service Provider ecosystem is comprised of world-class organizations who are powered by our premier threat intelligence and go-to-marketing resources. Our team arms service providers with winning sales enablement tools and training, which we augment with operational and joint market planning. Our Service Providers deliver cybersecurity solutions to enterprises across the globe, including: