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What Can We Learn from Ransomware Attacks

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The costs of ransomware are high, but experts struggle to calculate the true impacts due to a lack of reporting requirements. Additionally, organizations affected by ransomware often do not want to discuss incidents for many reasons, ranging from legal to reputational to the distressing effects of being held to ransom. In this Studio 471, Jamie MacColl, a research fellow with the Royal United Services Institute, discusses a recent study, “The Scourge of Ransomware Victim Insights on Harms to Individuals, Organisations and Society.” The study sought to understand the impacts of ransomware on multiple levels, from the IT people on the front line through to civil society.


Jamie MacColl, Research Fellow, Cyber Threats and Cyber Security, Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security
Jeremy Kirk, Executive Editor, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Intel 471