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Middle East Threat Landscape Update

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Nation-states are learning from the cyber underground, especially in-regards-to supply chain attacks. In our latest threat briefing, We focus on specifically on threats that have been active in / or targeting the Middle East.

Discussed in this webinar:

• The behavior of the Lazarus group, linked to North Korea, as well as links between this group and top-tier organizations in the cyber underground
• Actors in the Middle East which seem to straddle the cyber underground and nation-state categories
• Latest trends, including actors targeting service providers and software companies to conduct supply chain attacks to increase the number of organizations they can breach
• How underground actors were targeting SolarWinds as far back as 2017

Participants will come away with a better understanding of how to proactively monitor these types of attacks and how to better protect their organization against ransomware, information extraction, and other threats.