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Ransomware Dramas: Why Focusing On Ransomware Itself is Not Enough

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Ransomware remains one of the most significant threats to organizations today, with many high-profile incidents over the past few years, such as the Colonial Pipeline and Kaseya events. It seems most of the focus has been on the ransomware itself and its operators. But is this the right area of focus?

In this session, we look at the ecosystem that aids in the deployment of ransomware as well as the key actors and steps involved in a typical attack. Hint: it's not the ransomware itself you should be focusing on! 

With the impact and corresponding ransoms, you would expect the actors involved to be consummate professionals. In reality, however, there is plenty of backstabbing, double-crossing and incompetence in evidence - plenty of ransomware dramas that provide opportunities for defenders to gain valuable insights.