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Using A Data Driven Approach to Defend Against Cyber Threats

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Digital transformation, global supply chains, remote workforce, and the blurring of nation-state and financially motivated cybercrime are driving organizations to expand their security operations in the face of a limited pool of trained resources, disparate needs of the different stakeholders, and often the inability to communicate the value and ROI of their investment to leadership.

Don’t miss this webinar to learn from CLEAR, Intel 471, and ThreatQuotient professionals, who share their tactical and strategic experience regarding how cybersecurity professionals have successfully addressed similar challenges. They engage in an open discussion about enhancing the cyber threat identification and tracking process, enabling the correlation of intelligence requirements to corporate goals, and taking a data-driven approach to automation.

Listen and learn how: 

  • Being requirements-driven can help you stay ahead of threats
  • A data-driven approach to automation can assist in measuring success and ROI
  • Centralizing adversarial and malware intelligence affords organizations the ability to integrate the right intelligence across their security ecosystems and inform security decision-makers.

Presented By:

Lance Taylor - Manager of Intelligence and Threat Management at CLEAR Chris Jacob - Global Vice President, Threat Intelligence Engineers at ThreatQuotient Maurits Lucas - Director of Product Marketing at Intel 471