451 Research Publishes Intel 471 Report

Intel 471 customers counter cyber threats with intelligence expertise and innovation.

Predict and prevent cyber attacks

Malware and attacks such as ransomware plague organizations worldwide. Adversaries leverage tools and techniques as advanced as any legitimate approach to IT. With the potential for significant material gain motivates adversaries to engage in stealth and sophistication to avoid detection and penalties.

With Intel 471, organizations benefit from threat intelligence differentiated by more than insights into the nature of threat actor motives and methods. Intel 471 seeks to shine not only in the expertise of its ‘boots on the ground,’ but in the way it scales the gathering and delivery of actionable content.

In this report, 451 Research highlights:

  • The customer experience is a key part of Intel 471's commitment

  • Our expertise focused on cybercriminal activities

  • The benefits of cyber threat intelligence solutions

  • How Intel 471 empowers security teams with relevant and timely threat intelligence

Download this report to learn more about how Intel 471 provides world-class intelligence capability for humans and machines.