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Bulletproof Hosting Landscape: Status Update on Actor yalishanda

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Bulletproof Hosting services remain a key facilitator of a variety of cybercrime.

Intel 471 has been actively tracking Bulletproof Hosting (BPH) services and the threat actors behind them. One threat actor notably continues to provide one of the most popular malicious infrastructure services: yalishanda.

In this report, we provide an update on our findings related to yalishanda's BPH infrastructure and provide key details about the malicious activity it facilitates. Key findings highlighted in this report include:

  • Bulletproof Hosting services are key core enablers of a vast array of cybercrime.

  • By focusing on BPH infrastructure, organizations can learn what they need to defend against prior to a possible attack.

  • The actor yalishanda’s BPH service remains a popular and prolific offering in the underground.

  • Identifying and disrupting upstream threats such as BPH will have a significant impact on downstream operations they support.

Download the whitepaper to gain a deeper understanding of yalishanda and empower your security team to proactively tackle malicious activities.