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Attack Surface Intelligence

Identify emerging threats to your attack surface with real-time underground cyber threat intelligence.

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Intel 471’s Attack Surface Intelligence supercharges our Attack Surface Protection offering by extending the monitoring to the cyber underground, a remarkable benefit available with Intel 471's premier cyber threat intelligence (CTI).

There are times when threats to your organization's attack surface can only be identified through interpretation of data across the threat landscape. Intel 471's unparalleled cyber threat intel data delivers early warning signs to our customers -- identifying in real-time when relevant and critical threats appear across the cyber threat environment. This enables our customers to be proactive in mitigating cyber risk: the difference between battling a full-scale crisis and rectifying an issue before it could be leveraged.

Next-level Attack Surface Protection

Attack Surface Intelligence contains far richer, contextualized threat information and is designed for organizations with mature CTI programs.

Intel 471’s Attack Surface Intelligence includes:

  • Vulnerability Intelligence: Access to detailed vulnerability reports, links to the sources of Proof of Concept exploit code, links to available patches, and Intel 471’s analysis of the vunlerability’s weaponization and productization on underground forums.

  • Malware Intelligence: Malware indicators that impact your IP addresses and domains, Intel 471’s detailed malware analysis reports, and detection rules.

  • Threat actor Intelligence: Information and posts by threat actor handles.

  • Underground forum mentions: Forum posts that mention the target or posted by the target.

  • Intelligence reports & General Intelligence Requirements (GIRs): Any intelligence reports and GIRs related to threats identified.

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Turbo-Charge Attack Surface Management with CTI from Intel 471

Our CTI experts know the cyber underground and the actors who inhabit it, like no one else. We know which vulnerabilities are being discussed, and which threat actors are most likely to exploit them. Our CTI capabilities position you to look at your organization as an attacker would and mitigate risks accordingly.

To quote Sun Tzu, “if you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” Attack Surface Intelligence, the union of CTI with Attack Surface Management, reveals both these entities. This is the key to maintaining a proactive posture against cyber threats.

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