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Attack Surface Intelligence

Identify an entire class of threats to your attack surface with cyber underground intelligence.

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Attack Surface Intelligence super charges our Attack Surface Management offering by extending the monitoring to the cyber underground, a remarkable benefit available with Intel 471's premier cyber threat intelligence (CTI).

There are times when threats to your organization's attack surface can only be identified through interpretation of data from the cyber underground. Intel 471's unparalleled cyber threat intel data delivers early warning signs to our customers -- identifying in real-time when relevant and critical threats appear in the cyber underground. This enables our customers to be proactive in mitigating cyber risk: the difference between battling a full-scale crisis and rectifying an issue before it could be leveraged.

The following Intel 471 cyber underground data is integrated into Attack Surface Intelligence:

  • Vulnerability Intelligence: Any CVEs found by SpiderFoot will be checked against Intel 471's vulnerability intelligence to surface CVEs being actively targeted and/or mentioned in underground forums.

  • Malware Intelligence: Malware URLs and C2 infrastructure utilized by malware relevant to the target IPs/domains.

  • Threat actor Intelligence: Information and posts by threat actor handles.

  • Underground forum mentions: Forum posts that mention the target* or posted by the target.

  • Intelligence reports & General Intelligence Requirements (GIRs): Any intelligence reports and GIRs related to threats identified.

Our CTI experts know the cyber underground and the actors who inhabit it, like no one else. We know which vulnerabilities are being discussed, and which threat actors are most likely to exploit them. Our CTI capabilities position you to look at your organization as an attacker would and mitigate risks accordingly.

To quote Sun Tzu, “if you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” Attack Surface Intelligence, the union of CTI with Attack Surface Management, reveals both these entities. This is the key to maintaining a proactive posture against cyber threats.

Ready to take the next step in protecting your attack surface? Speak to a member of our team today.

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Using multiple OSINT sources to gather information is critical to getting a full view of an organization’s attack surface visibility — but the process of obtaining all the information necessary through many sources can be overly complicated and time-consuming. Intel 471's Attack Surface Protection solution suite is built on the SpiderFoot platform, which was designed to help users monitor over 200 different OSINT sources and gather intelligence on IP addresses, domain names, email addresses, names, etc Our attack surface protection offerings easily integrate with third-party APIs like Shodan, HaveIBeenPwned, AlienVault OTX and more.

For more information about OSINT data automation and the ability to integrate with third-party APIs to better understand and assess your organization’s attack surface visibility