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Attack Surface Protection

Take your attack surface defense to a new level.

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Attack Surface Management: You Can’t Protect Against What You Can’t See

With digitization and the natural growth of your company, your attack surface is growing more complex. As it grows in scale and complexity, it becomes harder to track and therefore protect each asset within it. This can leave you vulnerable to a devastating cyber incident. When it comes to protecting your digital attack surface, discovering and maintaining visibility of each asset is key.

If you truly want to mitigate threats to your attack surface, you need to go one step further: you need visibility of the potential threats to it that are mobilizing within the cyber underground. Without advanced warning, an asset potentially is already in an attacker’s crosshairs. Enterprises are left with a purely reactive security posture, readily overwhelmed by the constant deluge of breach claims, potentially exploited vulnerabilities, and unsubstantiated rumors of attacks. Intel 471 expands your visibility into the cyber underground. See who and what you’re up against so you can effectively stay ahead of threats to your attack surface.

Intel 471 Provides the Advantage in Attack Surface Threat Visibility

Intel 471’s Attack Surface Protection seamlessly integrates our leading cyber threat intelligence (CTI) capabilities to go far beyond traditional Attack Surface Management (ASM) offerings. As well as offering your organization continuous discovery and monitoring of your digital assets so any exposures can be quickly remediated; we also extend your visibility into the cyber underground by alerting you to potential threats to your assets that may be mobilizing there.

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Continuous Monitoring

Identify and remediate risk within your digital ecosystem by scheduling continuous scans of your digital attack surface to discover exposed assets, including shadow IT, unsecured ports, and cryptocurrency wallet addresses.

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A Window to the Cyber Underground

We monitor the cyber underground, acting as an early warning system for threats to your attack surface that are rallying on the dark web. Intel 471 empowers you with intelligence about who is attacking and how, so you can perform proactive threat mitigation.

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Decisive Action

You can act immediately on our intelligence, whether that’s through the seamless integration of our API to your internal tooling or using our intelligence reports to streamline vulnerability management with patch prioritization.

Take Control of Your Attack Surface with Intel 471's Solution

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Turbo-Charge Attack Surface Management with CTI from Intel 471

Attack Surface Protection is Intel 471’s approach to protecting your most vulnerable sector. It consists of three integrated components: Attack Surface Discovery, Attack Surface Management, and Attack Surface Intelligence. Each component builds toward enabling you to take control of your digital perimeter, no matter where you are in your attack surface journey.

Discover where you stand in your attack surface management journey.