Attack Surface Protection

The right solution to meet your attack surface security requirements.

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Intel 471 Attack Surface Protection combines unmatched cyber threat intelligence (CTI) with attack surface monitoring to equip our customers with a proactive cyber security defense.

Our solution suite consists of three offerings. Each of these help our customers map and manage their digital footprint, discover exposed assets, and reduce their attack surface.

Intel 471 Attack Surface Protection has a solution for every user at any part of their attack surface journey. We meet your business needs -- from a snapshot of an attack surface to establishing ongoing management of an attack surface and identifying threats lurking in the cyber underground.

471 Attack Surface Protection Delivers

Identify and reclaim unknown assets, services and shadow IT in order to ensure it is properly managed in the future

Pinpoint and remediate vulnerabilities in all of your assets across your attack surface, before any incident occurs

Minimize risk by reducing the amount of time vulnerabilities in your attack surface are exposed, using the automated, periodic scans

Automated alerts inform you of any changes to your attack surface, eliminating the need for manual checking

API integration can expedite the communication and remediation process in order to reduce exposure time and efforts

Extend your monitoring capabilities to the cyber underground in order to identify a new class of threats that would otherwise remain undetected

Open Source SpiderFoot for Threat Intelligence

If your business need is focused solely on data collection for small to medium targets within your own infrastructure, the open source version may be a good option for you.

Using multiple OSINT sources to gather information is critical to getting a full view of an organization’s attack surface visibility — but the process of obtaining all the information necessary through many sources can be overly complicated and time-consuming. Intel 471's Attack Surface Protection solution suite is built on the SpiderFoot platform, which was designed to help users monitor over 200 different OSINT sources and gather intelligence on IP addresses, domain names, email addresses, names, etc. Our attack surface protection offerings easily integrate with third-party APIs like Shodan, HaveIBeenPwned, AlienVault OTX and more.

For more information about OSINT data automation and the ability to integrate with third-party APIs to better understand and assess your organization’s attack surface visibility