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Third-Party Breach Monitoring

Breaches of your partners’ networks can impact you. Get ahead of these third-party breaches by proactively defending against them.

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Third Parties: A Gateway for Opportunity and Cyber Threats

While you prioritize a robust cybersecurity posture, you can’t be sure the same can be said for the third-party vendors, partners, contractors, and others who enjoy privileged access to your data, systems, and networks. Cyber attackers know this, and use your trusted third parties as an initial access point to your organization.

Whether it’s the result of compromised credentials or exploiting vulnerabilities within application code or system, once an attacker has entered into your third party they can abuse this access. Credentials, banking details, patents, and intellectual property are all put at risk of a data breach. Even if the error was on the part of your service provider, it is your organization that must bear the consequences. The impact of these can be severe, with legal penalties, a significant dent in the bottom line, and even loss of stakeholder trust. When your organization is only as strong as your third parties, it is time to extend its protection beyond its own walls.

Intel 471 Powers the Detection and Disruption of Third-Party Breaches

Intel 471 is your window into the cyber underground. Our highly contextualized cyber threat intelligence (CTI) offers unparalleled insight into potential breaches of your third-party partners to improve your risk posture and change the odds of a successful attack in your favor.

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Proactive Protection

Intel 471 continuously monitors for indicators of potentially compromised third parties across sources exclusive to our intelligence capabilities to secure your organization and give you the head start you need to mitigate the threat.

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Unique Visibility

We ensure you have comprehensive visibility of potential third-party breaches. We map the digital attack surface of your third parties to discover their vulnerable assets, and provide intelligence from exclusive sources on who may be targeting them.

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Actionable Intelligence

Immediately action our intelligence: Seamlessly integrate our API with your internal tooling systems or bring our intelligence reports to the boardroom to revolutionize your third-party risk management policies.

Take Control of Third Party Breach Risk with Intel 471's Solution

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Reap the Rewards of Your Third-Party Relationships, Not the Risks

Third-party breach monitoring is part of Intel 471’s Third-Party Risk Monitoring: a set of capabilities that are designed for organizations who need to reduce risks associated with third-party interactions, products, and services. Our Third-Party Risk Monitoring solutions provide customers with threat intelligence to assist with the identification and remediation of risks introduced by interconnected vendors, customers, and other third-party entities. It includes:

  • Third-party vulnerability monitoring

  • Third-party breach monitoring

  • Third-party compromised credentials monitoring

  • Supply chain risk monitoring

Want to learn more about taking charge of your third-party risk?