Intelligence Planning Essentials

Cyber Underground General Intelligence Requirements Resources

The videos below serve as a guide for the development and tracking of intelligence requirements and measure the intelligence team’s return on investment over time. To follow along, grab your free copy of the handbook and templates.

Getting Started with the Cyber Underground General Intelligence Handbook

Full introduction and overview into the core concepts of the intelligence planning process using the GIR framework and accompanying worksheets, templates, and samples.
Watch time: 3 minutes

Selecting Priority Intelligence Requirements for your Stakeholders

A guide through the first step in the intelligence planning process: PIR selection. You will select, rank, and record all PIRs into a master list known as Collection Guidance.
Watch time: 6 minutes

Getting to know your Collection Guidance

An overview of the Collection Guidance, which provides a single consolidated list of Priority Intelligence Requirements (PIRs) across the organization.
Watch time: 3 minutes

Preparing your Collection Plan

Step-by-step instructions for building the Collection Plan, which is used to estimate the resources needed (coverage, vendors, data feeds, team expertise, etc.) to fulfill the requirements of your stakeholders in your organization.
Watch time: 5 minutes