Stop insiders from damaging your business and revenue.

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Malicious insider attacks are among the most damaging to businesses, and the frequency of insider-led incidents is up 44% so far this year [2022]. Threat actors can leverage the human variable within your company to access organizational data and systems to conduct fraudulent activity, install malware, employ phishing and vishing scams, and commit identity theft.

Insider threat is the intentional or unintentional disclosure of key information by a human within an organization to a cybercriminal to conduct illegal activities or to gain further access into the organization’s data and systems.

Some insider threats include:

  • Employees unintentionally sharing key information directly with threat actors or allowing threat actors to access data within the organization.

  • Employees intentionally providing information to threat actors, often for financial compensation

  • Access is often leveraged to monetize intrusion and fraud techniques within an organization’s systems

Our TITAN platform highlights relevant closed source information, allowing our clients to set up alerts on insider threat activity related to their unique business priorities. This empowers CTI Teams to protect their organizations from insider threats by looking beyond the company perimeter to proactively target relevant threats, such as:

  • Monitoring closed sources in the cyber underground where malicious insiders advertise their company's information to be used for fraudulent activity
  • Receiving immediate notifications about insider threat activity related to unique business priorities
  • Hardening controls and proactively address insider threats
  • Setting up alerts about insider threat activity using our partner integrations
  • Set up alerts on relevant insider threat activity
  • Knowing the fraud actor's intent, Intel 471 can make recommendations on how organizations can immediately protect themselves and even how they can reduce future threats

By identifying the early signs of malicious insider activity with Intel 471 threat intelligence, CTI Teams can prevent destructive insider attacks before they occur. Using traditional security controls coupled with our continuous coverage of the cyber underground is your best defense against insider threats.