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Attack Surface Protection

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An organization’s attack surface is the collective term for all the internet- facing assets that could be vulnerable to unauthorized access or attacks. Keeping this surface as protected as possible should be the focus of all organizations. Intel 471’s ‘Attack Surface Protection’ is the name for our suite of solutions, each geared for different users at different stages in their attack surface journey.

Attack Surface Discovery is designed for pentesters or those organizations who are just embarking on this journey. It allows you to take a snapshot of an organization’s digital footprint at a single point in time. You can discover all of an organization’s internet facing assets, whether hosted in-house,

in the cloud, under the control of IT or not (shadow IT). Known as ‘Asset Discovery’, it’s ideal for better understanding the attack surface, which is critical if you want to implement actions to reduce risk: you can’t fix what you can’t see.

Building on the functionality of our Discovery solution, Attack Surface Management takes it to the next level: ongoing monitoring and alerting. With new vulnerabilities and data sources emerging all the time, and the ever changing nature of your internet facing assets, a one time scan is not enough to stay on top of security gaps in your digital footprint. Attack Surface Management helps by regular, automated scanning of your attack surface to provide ongoing monitoring and immediate alerting to any changes or new vulnerabilities identified. Attack Surface Management is API enabled, ensuring that it can work in conjunction with other systems to expedite the communication and remediation of potential vulnerabilities and minimize the amount of time your attack surface is exposed.

Attack Surface Intelligence adds an entirely new dimension to our solution offering, whilst retaining all the functionality of the other packages. Attack Surface Intelligence allows organizations to extend their monitoring to the cyber underground, a remarkable benefit only available from a premier CTI provider, like Intel 471. We use our unparalleled cyber threat intel data as an early warning sign for our customers, identifying in real-time when relevant and critical threats appear in the cyber underground. No amount of Attack Surface Management can prevent all data leaks, so taking proactive measures to identify this new level of threat and using it to inform your vulnerability patching is essential.

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