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Marketplace Intelligence

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Marketplace Intelligence is an essential tool for threat analysts. It offers unique insights into the most active and prolific underground marketplaces. ‘Marketplaces’ are underground websites intended for the sale of illicit goods, but can be further categorized as markets and shops.

Underground markets allow many different sellers to sell a wide variety of illicit goods. Actors register as sellers on a market to start selling goods. A market can have listings for cards, credentials, drugs, weapons and a host of other types of goods or services.

Underground shops allow one actor (the shop owner) or a limited group of actors (those invited by the actor running the shop) to sell a single type or a very limited set of types of goods: for instance a card shop sells stolen credit or debit cards, whereas a credential shop only sells stolen credentials.

Intel 471 Marketplace Intelligence delivers assets including:

  • TITAN exposes data from underground markets and shops

  • Dashboards highlight key marketplace metrics

Our Marketplace Intelligence customers are able to access details about the products for sale in the cyber underground, as well as research historical data, understand the activity, and set watchers to get notified when articles of interest are listed on one of the marketplaces.