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Attack Surface Management

Your organization needs Attack Surface Management not just monitoring.

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Attack surface management

New vulnerabilities from an ever-growing number of data sources coupled with evolving and growing internet-facing assets make a one-time scan insufficient to stay on top of the security gaps in your digital footprint.

Intel 471 Attack Surface Management takes your organization from monitoring your attack surface to continuously managing it. With continuous management, your organization is always prepared to act on cyber vulnerabilities and attacks. You can identify issues, act to remedy or protect your organization and measure how your attack surface changes over time.

Attack Surface Management includes all of the functionality in our Attack Surface Discovery solution, plus the following additional four functions, including:

  1. Regular, automated scans - Run scans automatically at a set interval, scanning your attack surface weekly or monthly

  2. Scan comparison - Compare saved scans and see exactly where they differ

  3. Automated Alerts - Configure conditions under which the system alerts you when a new scan is completed

  4. API - Implement orchestration: Automate processes to ensure that issues are remediated without manual intervention

Attack Surface Management helps organizations to take action against issues with speed and purpose. Organizations can maintain as small an attack surface as possible and always be in the know when a threat arises.

Speak to a member of our team to learn more about how Attack Surface Management can protect your organization.

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Using multiple OSINT sources to gather information is critical to getting a full view of an organization’s attack surface visibility — but the process of obtaining all the information necessary through many sources can be overly complicated and time-consuming. Intel 471's Attack Surface Protection solution suite is built on the SpiderFoot platform, which was designed to help users monitor over 200 different OSINT sources and gather intelligence on IP addresses, domain names, email addresses, names, etc Our attack surface protection offerings easily integrate with third-party APIs like Shodan, HaveIBeenPwned, AlienVault OTX and more.

For more information about OSINT data automation and the ability to integrate with third-party APIs to better understand and assess your organization’s attack surface visibility